Rotating Ex d Limit Switch Model: QT


The Rotating Limit Switch Box Assembly model QT is an accessory which enables remote and local valve position monitoring of BERMAD 400Y Torrent Deluge / Water Control Valves.

The low profile robust anodized and epoxy-coated aluminum housing makes it well-suited for use in corrosive, heavy wash down applications and harsh environments.

The limit switch box assembly is suitable for Zone 1 hazardous locations as per IEC/EC or Div. 1 to NEC/NEMA standards (see specification below). It is equipped with two SPDT type proximity switch sensors, hermetically-sealed, and activated by an internal magnetic target.

The switch is equipped with Tungsten contacts, designed for moderate power applications and is electrically rated for 3 Amps at 125VAC or 240 VAC. The switch box incorporates a highly visible dual color visual position indicator.


  • Enclosure optimized for environment

Suitable for use in various process environments

  • Quick enclosure access

Screw-on vapor tight cover allows quick enclosure access, saving valuable maintenance and set-up time.

  • Pre-wired and labeled terminal strip

Enables quick, convenient attachment of field wiring

  • Maxx-Guard Proximity switches

Hermetically-sealed suitable for safe signaling

  • Easy to adjust quick set cams

Touch and tune switch settings allows fast adjustments without the use of tools

  • Dual shaft O-ring seals

Shaft O-rings seal the drive bearing from both external corrosives and internal contaminants.

  • Drive bearing assures long cycle life

Oil impregnated bronze bearing maintains smooth operation and eliminates the potential for shaft seizure

  • Clear Dual Color visual indication

Highly Visual indication of valve status

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