How to Read and Configure the Euromag MC608

The MC608 converter has been designed with the purpose of meeting all the requirements of modern water management systems.

How to Configure the Euromag MC608 Outputs

The MC608 converter logs all critical data every 15 minutes with no set up required! Damian Muir takes us through how to configure the outputs of the Euromag MC608 so you can store the data you need.

Euromag MC608 Powered Converter Troubleshooting Support

The Euromag MC608 supports extended functions which make it perfectly suitable for measuring and billing in civil, industrial and agricultural sectors, and for flow measurement in residual water treatment.

Euromag MC406 Battery Powered Magflow Meter

The MC406 converter showcases its unique technology to allow unparalleled performance in the detection and capture of flow.

Euromag Range Demonstration for the Magflow Electromagenetic Flow Meters

Damian Muir takes us through Bermad’s range of Euromag Electromagnetic Flow Meters, specially designed for the irrigation industry.

C70 AS Operation

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD’s IR-C70-SP Combination Air Valve with surge protection.

Intial Filling

"Watch this movie to learn how Installing a BERMAD C70 Combination air valve on the high points of the pipeline rapidly releases air during the initial stages of the pipeline filling.

Column Separation

Watch this movie to learn how installing the BERMAD C70 Combination Air Valve prevents damage from column separation.

100 3-Way Operation 120-50-X

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD’s 100 Series 3-Way Pressure Reducing Valve with hydraulic remote control.

C10 Combination Air Valve

Watch this video to learn how the BERMAD C10 Combination Air Valve prevents damage to the irrigation system during pipline fill-up and emptying.

Bermad 423 Pressure Sustaining & Reducing Valve – How to Demonstration

The Bermad Model IR-423-55-KK Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve is a high performance valve used in irrigation. Colin Kirkland, Product Manager for Bermad Australia, runs us through how to set the 423 Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve on the field. Click here to learn more about the 423 Pressure Reducing Valve and Sustaining Valve: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bermad Water Technologies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More videos here: Subscribe to the Bermad channel: Sign up for our newsletter for the latest product updates and industry news: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bermad are experts in control valves and system solutions. Our reputation is built on providing you with the most comprehensive range of valves and meters, technical expertise and support services in Australia. Whether it’s air release, metering, or flow control, we have a solution to suit your needs. Our products are used across a range of industries and environments including residential, domestic, commercial, industrial, mining, agriculture, irrigation and waterworks.