BERMAD Irrigation Product Guide
BERMAD Irrigation Product Guide
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Automatic Irrigation Controllers

As an irrigation market leader for more than 55 years, BERMAD knows that hydraulic systems must be digital. BERMAD cloud-based systems, including our in-field Omega controllers, our wide range of advanced water meters, and our user-friendly cloud application, all integrate our state-of-the-art irrigation control system with our hydraulic devices. The ability to remotely access the hydraulic system and receive online alarms and performances reports makes managing the hydraulic system a simple task and saves money, time, and energy. This ultimately maximizes the ROI of your assets.

10 Automatic Irrigation Controllers

BERMAD Cloud based irrigation control Solution


Smart Irrigation Solenoid Controller


Multi-function Irrigation Controller

BIC 1000

Smart Irrigation Solenoid Controller With 3-way Hy...

GreenApp 3-Way

Comprehensive Irrigation Control & Management Syst...

BIC 2500

Comprehensive Irrigation Control & Management Syst...

BIC 1500

Battery Operated Landscape Irrigation Controller f...

BIC 2 / BIC 4 / BIC 6

Landscape Irrigation Controller


Filter Flush Controller


Agriculture economical Irrigation controller


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