DELTA – Full Modulation Controller

Implementing advanced pressure management solution is widely recognized as the most efficient strategy for reducing non-revenue water. That’s why BERMAD, the global leader in water control systems designed and developed the DELTA, a full modulation waterworks controller with its unique features and settings specific to hydraulic valve operation principles. Watch this video to learn about DELTA.

BERMAD Series 1000 – Approved for Drinking Water

BERMAD’s 1000 series represent a breakthrough in the supply of drinking water. The new lightweight composite PN16 (250 PSI) valve is corrosion free and will deliver years of trouble-free performance. This versatile control valve can be used for a variety of applications such as pressure reducing for municipal, level control for water reservoirs, flow control for water treatment plants and many more applications. Watch this video to learn more.

BERMAD 423 Pressure Sustaining & Reducing Val...

BERMAD Pressure Sustaining & Reducing Control Valve, IR-423, "How to Set" Demonstration

Bermad 43Q Pressure Relief Valve – How to Demons...

The Bermad 43Q Pressure Relief Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that relieves excessive line pressure when it rises above the preset maximum. Colin Kirkland demonstrates how to set the valve for optimum pipeline performance out on the field.

BERMAD 700 series maintenance

Quick maintenance guide for 700, 700ES & 700EN series

BERMAD C80 Combination Air Valve – Principle of ...

Watch this movie to learn about the BERMAD C80 Our new combination Air Valve for municipal sewage & wastewater systems.

Converting Waste Water to Billed Water – a BERMA...

A success story based on sectorization and reduction of non-revenue water. By implementing BERMAD technologies, the city of Camargo managed to offer its residents 1000 additional water connections, thus ensuring 100% coverage and guaranteeing the human right of access to water.

BERMAD C80 combination air valve – maintenan...

BERMAD C80 is a high quality combination air valve for a variety of sewage and wastewater networks and operating conditions. It evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows efficient release of air and gas pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables the intake of large volumes of air in the event of network draining. BERMAD C80 is designed to facilitate longer periods of operation without maintenance and it is easy to maintain.

Euromag Range Demonstration for the Magflow Electr...

Damian Muir takes us through BERMAD’s range of Euromag Electromagnetic Flow Meters, specially designed for the irrigation industry.

Euromag MC406 Battery Powered Magflow Meter

The MC406 converter showcases its unique technology to allow unparalleled performance in the detection and capture of flow.

Euromag MC608 Powered Converter Troubleshooting Su...

The Euromag MC608 supports extended functions which make it perfectly suitable for measuring and billing in civil, industrial and agricultural sectors, and for flow measurement in residual water treatment.

How to Configure the Euromag MC608 Outputs

The MC608 converter logs all critical data every 15 minutes with no set up required! Damian Muir takes us through how to configure the outputs of the Euromag MC608 so you can store the data you need.