BERMAD C80 Combination Air Valve – Principle of Operation

Watch this movie to learn about the BERMAD C80 Our new combination Air Valve for municipal sewage & wastewater systems.

BERMAD C80 combination air valve – maintenance video

BERMAD C80 is a high quality combination air valve for a variety of sewage and wastewater networks and operating conditions. It evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows efficient release of air and gas pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables the intake of large volumes of air in the event of network draining. Bermad C80 is designed to facilitate longer periods of operation without maintenance and it is easy to maintain.

Converting Waste Water to Billed Water – a BERMAD Case Study

A success story based on sectorization and reduction of non-revenue water. By implementing BERMAD technologies, the city of Camargo managed to offer its residents 1000 additional water connections, thus ensuring 100% coverage and guaranteeing the human right of access to water.

Euromag Range Demonstration for the Magflow Electromagenetic Flow Meters

Damian Muir takes us through Bermad’s range of Euromag Electromagnetic Flow Meters, specially designed for the irrigation industry.

Euromag MC406 Battery Powered Magflow Meter

The MC406 converter showcases its unique technology to allow unparalleled performance in the detection and capture of flow.

Euromag MC608 Powered Converter Troubleshooting Support

The Euromag MC608 supports extended functions which make it perfectly suitable for measuring and billing in civil, industrial and agricultural sectors, and for flow measurement in residual water treatment.

BERMAD 700SIGMA Hydraulic Control Valve

In the face of a growing water shortage worldwide, innovative technological solutions are needed to ensure water distribution systems optimize water usage and maximize energy efficiency. BERMAD’s advanced solutions enable higher flow rates and efficient water delivery. 700SIGMA is the next evolution in BERMAD’s 700 Series, with a super high flow rate, unmet efficiency with up to 10%-20% energy cost reduction, high regulation capabilities, and superior cavitation resistance. 700SIGMA helps you treat your water-energy like gold.

Bermad 700 Series Water Control Valve – Benefits & Accreditations

Why is BERMAD such successful player in the market?

C70 Air Valve Low Pressure Sealing Operation

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD’s C70 Air Valve for reducing leakage and increasing the efficiency of your network.

C10/C30 Operation

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD's Combination Air Valves for WaterWorks (C30) & Irrigation (C10).

757-ES-66-U Smooth Closing Operation

Watch this video to learn about the importance of smooth closing valves. Introducing BERMAD's 757-ES-66-U Model for flow & pressure & level control.

C70 Combination Air Valve With Automatic Orifice

Watch this video to learn about the operation of BERMAD’s C70 Combination Air Valve with Automatic Orifice.