Automatic Air Valve Model A71

BERMAD A71 is a high quality automatic air release valve that allows efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipes.

With its advanced design, this valve provides excellent protection against air accumulation with

improved sealing in low pressure conditions.

  • Efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipe lines.
  • Dynamic sealing – prevents leakage under low pressure conditions (0.02 bar).
  • Compact, simple and reliable structure with fully corrosion-resistant parts; lower maintenance and increased life span.
  • Designed in compliance with EN-1074 / 4 standard and water service standards.
  • Factory approval and Quality Control – Performance and specification tested and measured with specialized test bench.

Typical Applications


Pipelines – Protection against air accumulation in horizontal or low slope lines

and road / river crossings.

In proximity to control valves and water meters – Prevention of biased readings

and inaccurate pressure regulation due to air flow through these devices.

Industrial – Protection against air accumulation.

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