Level Control Challenge

This animation demonstrates the lower reservoir filling cycle in a high-rise building, and describes the BERMAD safety procedure that protects the building from reservoir overflow.

Supply Pressure Sustaining

This animation demonstrates the BERMAD Pressure Sustaining Valve, which ensures sufficient water supply to residents on the lower floors of a high-rise building, even while the building’s lower reservoir is undergoing filling.

Level Control and Pressure Sustaining BC-753ES-65-P

Hydraulically operated level control and pressure sustaining control valve that controls reservoir filling and reservoir level; during filling the valve sustains minimum upstream pressure, regardless of fluctuating flow or reservoir level.
The reservoir filling is done in response to a Bi-level electric float switch signal opening at a pre-set low level and shutting off at a preset high level.
BERMAD 700ES series valves are hydraulically operated globe valves in either standard oblique (Y) or angle pattern.

They consist of full bore hydrodynamic body for unobstructed flow path, seat assembly and
double-chamber unitized actuator that can be disassembled from the body as an integral unit. The 700ES valves have excellent and highly effective modulation capacity in high pressure-differential applications and are designed to operate with minimal cavitation and noise under
difficult operation conditions.

  • Excellent quality construction materials ensure reliable, resilient and long lasting operation
  • Durable, sophisticated and lightweight design ensure minimal cavitation damage and noise even under difficult and highly intensive operation conditions
  • Hydrodynamic body and high performance actuator provide an unobstructed flow path with minimal pressure loss and outstanding modulation capability under conditions of high differential-pressure operation
  • Double chamber actuator, fully operational under very low pressure conditions including optional full opening & closing action under zero line pressure; provides smooth, immediate valve response with no hammer effect.
  • Near maintenance-free straightforward balanced design including an actuator that can be easily disassembled from the valve body as a separate integral unit for minimal downtime.
  • Accurate and reliable level control and pressure sustaining capabilities – preventing reservoir overflows and cut-offs while maintaining minimum upstream pressure
  • Heavy duty design – suitable for water reservoirs operating under tough conditions and intensive use
  • Hydrodynamic valve body – ensures minimal noise operation
  • Electrical operation; Low voltage and low current N. O. and N. C. solenoids

Typical Application

  • Level and pressure sustaining control of buildings’ reservoir filling systems such as: basement, roof-top, pressure breaking and emergency tanks, where the supply line also feeds additional high priority users
  • Electrical emergency override on hydraulic level control systems
  • Duty cycle and valve prioritizing management on multi branch systems
  • Level dependant control on water supply lines; maintaining emergency minimal reservoir level
  • Optional complete closing of the valve by external hydraulic/electric control source, regardless of the supply line pressure

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