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Multi-function Irrigation Controller BIC 1000

BERMAD BIC 1000 is an innovative, time based, user friendly controller that offers a full range of features for complete control of agriculture irrigation, fertigation and filtration applications. The BERMAD BIC 1000 controller incorporates an easy, intuitive programming interface with a modular hardware configuration that allows up to 36 outputs and is available in AC or DC models with builtin optional Radio RTUs. BIC 1000 AC is cloud enabled for cellular remote control, when using the optional modem.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Modular hardware – Versatile and flexible adaptation to the farmer’s needs
  • Hydraulic system protection

– Overlapping or delayed valve switching.

-Main valve operation control; delayed,
advanced, or together with the irrigation valves.

-Adjustable power up delay after power outage
for pump protection.

-High pressure alert

  • Versatile irrigation programs

-Four programs for unlimited number
of valves or groups per program.

-Independent water and fertilizer
run times per each valve.

-Each program can be configured
for pulse irrigation.

-Frost protection, Cooling procedure
or any other program started by a sensor.

-Seasonal adjustable water run-time per
program (0-250%) and unlimited rain delay.

  • Built in Fertilizer injection control – Efficient chemicals implementation for increased yields, and profitability
  • Filtration control – Improves water quality to protect the irrigation system and water conservation
  • User interface – Program status review & password protected configuration screens
  • Remote monitoring and Control of the Irrigation System (AC only)
Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Professional time based irrigation control of small to medium fields.
  • Crops in single open field, trees, mesh houses, and greenhouse.
  • Filter flush controller up-to 36 filters with optional individual flush time per filter.
  • Irrigation control of up to 36 zones in the AC model and 32 in the DC model.