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Comprehensive Irrigation Control & Management System BIC 1500

BERMAD BIC 1500 is a comprehensive Cloud based irrigation management system that combines hardware, software and communication components with analytical tools and an advanced user interface into one all-inclusive and powerful centralized crop management system. The BIC 1500 provides farmers with an expandable, modular, efficient and versatile crop management system that makes efficient use of water, energy, chemicals and manpower resources while increasing yields, produce quality, and profitability.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Monitoring Capabilities – Enhances understanding the
    agronomic, environmental, and hydraulic aspects of the
  • Powerful Analytical Tools – Cloud based, visual data
    mining tool for planning agronomic, mechanic, and
    management strategies
  • Control – Automatically executes farm management
  • Console and Spot – Monitors, analyzes, and executes
    management strategies via Cloud based programs
  • Modular hardware – Enables flexible adaptation to
    specific user needs
  • Irrigation control – Supports watering of open field,
    orchards, horticulture and landscape
  • Fertilizer injection control – Offers efficient chemicals
    implementation for increased yields and profitability
  • Filtration control – Improves water quality to protect
    the irrigation system and water conservation
  • Water sources management – Optimizes use of farm
    water sources
Typical Product Applications
  • Monitoring, analytical planning, and irrigation
    control tools
  • Monitoring/controlling climate and other
    environmental parameters
  • Providing farms in remote areas remote control
    over cellular communication