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Full Modulation Controller DELTA

The DELTA is a stand-out pressure management controller for system optimization. It provides a calmer network, an improved efficiency and a reduction of leakage and bursts. The end result is a reliable water supply and better service for the client. The DELTA is a fully remote controlled fail safe battery operated controller. The DELTA logs the data and uses cyber secured technology to transmit the data to a user-friendly cloud platform.

Product Features & Benefits
  •  Up to 16 flow or time windows
  •  Highly accurate and stable regulation
  •  Latch override to fully open the valve at insufficient pressure supply, or fully close in event of pipe burst
  •  5 years internal battery operated or external power
  •  Large capacity data logging
  •  Full communication via cloud for monitoring and remote setting
  •  Intuitive and user friendly platform
  •  Advanced modern graphs and reports
  •  Alert and notifications via: E-mail, WhatsApp, SMS
Typical Product Applications
  •  Full modulation pressure reducing with the DELTA internal solenoids and a BIAS chamber
  •  2 pressure regimes by switching between “Low” to “High” set points according to flow rate or time windows