4-Way Bi-Level Vertical Float Float #66

This 4-Way, adjustable, last position bi-level vertical float, is actuated
by the float sliding along the rod assembly to either pull it down or
float it up, switching the float pilot position. When the float is between
the adjustable high and low level stoppers, the main valve remains
in its last position.
The float pilot directs flow and pressure between its ports:
■ When the float pushes the upper stopper up,
it connects port “P” to “C1” and port “C2” to “V”.
■ When the float pulls the lower stopper down,
it connects port “P” to “C2” and port “C1” to “V”.
The extendable rod is to be balanced by counterweights installed
on the lever system according to rod length and system pressure.

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