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Smart Irrigation Solenoid Controller With 3-way Hydraulic Base GreenApp 3-Way

The BERMAD GreenApp 3-Way is a Smart, flexible, easy to use, Bluetooth single station irrigation controller integrated with a 3-Way solenoid actuator for easy and compact installation on any control valve.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Eֺֺasy to install, simple to operate
    ■ Install the solenoid – the controller is already included
    ■ Intuitive – intuitive app provides easy programming
  • Aֺֺdvanced Construction Materials, Unique Plastic Casing
    ■ Proven pressure, voltage and weather resistance
    ■ Change settings using the app from 10-30m; 30-90f
    ■ No wires and no screen – keypad is in your pocket
    ■ Durable in all environment conditions
    ■ Protection Class- IP68; NEMA Type 6D
  • Sֺֺuperb Internal Design and Finish
    ■ Reliable operation under dirt loaded water
  • Lֺֺow power consumption
    ■ Powered by two placeable alkaline 1.5v AA batteries
    ■ Bluetooth 4.0 communication require ultra-low energy
    ■ Up to three years of continuous operation
    ■ Time based irrigation control
  • Iֺֺrrigation cycles control by days and hours
    ■ Irrigation duration from 1 minute to 24 hours
    ■ Weekly and cyclic programming
    ■ Option of naming and managing multiple controllers
  • Hֺֺydraulic Base with Installation Bracket
    ■ High flow capacity quickens valve response
    ■ No dirt sedimentation inside solenoid actuator
    ■ Manual override open and close
    ■ Simple installation to valve or manifold
  • Rֺֺeliable and Durable Product that carries the Stamp of
    BERMAD Quality
Typical Product Applications
  • Sֺֺystems distanced from control center
  • Uֺֺnavailable power supply locations
  • Sֺֺolenoid controlled on/off valves
  • Sֺֺolenoid controlled pressure and flow control valves