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Pressure Sustaining Valve Double Chamber IR-130-DC-3W-XZ

The BERMAD Model IR-130-DC-3W-XZ Pressure Sustaining Valve is a double chambered, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that sustains minimum preset upstream (back) pressure and opens fully when line pressure is in excess of setting. The valve comprises two major components: The body and the actuator assembly. The actuator assembly consists of both an upper and a lower control chamber. The double chambered valve operation is independent of valve differential pressure. This develops maximum power, ensuring immediate valve response combined with inherent soft closing.

Product Features & Benefits

Line Pressure Driven, Hydraulically Controlled

  • Prioritizes pressure zones
  • Controls system fill-up
  • Opens fully upon line pressure rise 

Double chamber

  • Full powered opening and closing
  • Decreased pressure loss
  • Low throttling noise
  • Non-slam closing characteristic
  • Protected diaphragm

Engineered Plastic Valve with Industrial Grade Design
hYflow ‘Y’ Valve Body with “Look Through” Design

  • Ultra-high flow capacity – Low pressure loss

User-Friendly Design

  • Simple in-line inspection and service
Typical Product Applications
  • Line Fill-Up Control Solutions
  • Line Emptying Prevention
  • Systems Subject to Varying Supply Pressure
  • Infield Filters Backwash Pressure Sustaining
  • Energy Saving Irrigation Systems