Solenoid Controlled Valve with 2-Way Internal Controls and Trio integrated Open-Auto-Close manual selector IR-21T

The BERMAD 2-Way Solenoid Controlled Valve with Trio integrated Open-Auto-Close manual selector, is a hydraulically operated,diaphragm actuated control valve with internal hydraulic Feed &
Bleed control loop. The Trio Integrated selector allows for open or close, manually overriding the electric signal. The BERMAD Model IR-21T opens and closes drip-tight in response
to an electric signal, which causes the solenoid to open or close the valve’s internal hydraulic loop.

Lֺֺine Pressure Driven, Electrically Controlled On/Off

Sֺֺmooth valve opening and closing

  • Accurate and stable regulation
  • Low operating pressure requirements

Pֺֺlastic Globe Hydro-Efficient Valve

  • Unobstructed flow path
  • Single moving part
  • High flow capacity
  • Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant

Uֺֺnitized Flexible Diaphragm and Guided Plug

  • Prevents diaphragm erosion and distortion

Fֺֺully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm

  • Requires low actuation pressure

Uֺֺser-Friendly Design

  • Simple in-line inspection and service

Cֺֺomputerized Irrigation Systems
Dֺֺrip Systems
Gֺֺreenhouses Irrigation
Sֺֺystems Subject to Varying Supply Pressure
Eֺֺnergy Saving Irrigation Systems

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