Pressure Relief/Sustaining Valve IR-430-50-R

The BERMAD Model IR-430-50-R is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that sustains minimum preset upstream (back) pressure regardless of fluctuating flow or varying downstream pressure. It either opens or shuts in response to a remote pressure commands. When installed offline, the BERMAD Model IR-430-50-R relieves line pressure in excess of preset.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Hydraulic Pressure Control

-Line pressure driven, hydraulically controlled on/off

-Sustains supply pressure and controls system fill-up

-Relieves excess pressure protecting pump and system

  • Advanced Globe Hydro-Efficient Design

-Unobstructed flow path

-Single moving part

-High flow capacity

  • Fully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm

-Requires low actuation pressure

-Excellent low flow regulation performances

-Progressively restrains valve closing

-Prevents diaphragm distortion

  • User-Friendly Design

-Easy pressure setting

-Simple in-line inspection and service

Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Computerized Irrigation Systems
  • Pressure Zone Prioritizing
  • Line Fill-Up Control
  • Line Emptying Prevention
  • Irrigation Machines
  • Distribution Centers
  • Low Supplied Pressure Irrigation Systems


[1] BERMAD Model IR-430-50-R opens upon pressure drop
command sustaining filter back flush pressure.
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