Level and Flow Control Valve IR-457-66-U

The BERMAD Model IR-457-66-U Level and Flow Control Valve with Bi-Level Vertical Float is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that controls reservoir filling, opening at preset reservoir low level, and shutting at preset high level. During filling, it limits the flow to a maximum preset value.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Line Pressure Driven, Level & Flow Control

-Maintains pump and system designed flow

  • Bi-Level Hydraulic Vertical Float

-On/Off service

-Flexible level adjusting range

  • Hydraulic Flow Sensor (downstream installation)

-No moving parts nor electronic components

-Valve cavitation damage protection

  • Advanced Globe Hydro-Efficient Design

-Unobstructed flow path

-Single moving part

  • Fully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm

-Requires low opening and actuation pressure

-Excellent low flow regulation performance

-Progressively restrains valve closing

-Prevents diaphragm distortion

  • User Friendly Design

-Easy access to valve and float

-Simple in-line inspection and service

Typical Product Applications

Typical Applications

  • Full Range of Low Level Reservoirs
  • Unavailable Power Supply Locations
  • Limited Flow Capacity Systems
  • Reservoirs Subject to High Inlet Pressure
  • Pressure Braking Reservoirs in Gravity Fed Lines
  • Systems Irrigated Directly from Fill-Up Line