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BERMAD Electronic Auto Metering Valve IR-910-ME-KX

BERMAD’s digital metering hydrometer, model IR-910-MC-KX, is a revolutionary upgrade to the old mechanical AMV. Featuring highly accurate built-in magnetic drive Woltman water meter and controlled by BERMAD’s Omega IoT controller, the IR-910-MC-KX brings the all-in-one concept to the top of technology. The IR-910-MC-KX will regulate your irrigation system in the most accurate way. Both the valve and the water meter can be setup to any automatic irrigation scheduling and can be accessed locally and remotely for manual operation, with real time alerts, status and operation tracing reports.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Irrigation control options
    •  Integrated valve, controller and water meter in one device
    •  Integrated intelligence remote cellular communication
    •  Plug & play installation
    •  Preset volume or time
    •  Weekly and cyclic irrigation programs
    •  Control up to 4 hydrometers by one controller
    •  Long lasting battery safe operation
  • Ease of operation
    •  Programming and Operating by BERMAD Cloud friendly
      Web-Access & Smartphone application
Typical Product Applications
  • Pulses or time Count Down Irrigation –
    Electronic Automatic Metering Valve (AMV)
  • Time or Volume irrigation control
  • Tank volumetric fill-up control
  • Volume or time based end of pipe flush control