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3-Way Latching Solenoid Valves UL,FM Ex d & General Purpose for Remote Latch Control

Latching solenoid valves are normally de-energized and are activated by a momentary electrical pulse, latching the solenoid in the release position. The Magna-Latch Solenoid valve is typically used to enable the safe remote control of BERMAD Deluge and Control valves, latching the BERMAD valve in its open position for safe discharge of firewater. The Magna Latch solenoid valve consists of two coils that are incorporated in one enclosure. It is activated to release the control pressure of the main valve by means of a short electrical impulse signal to the Latch or “Pull” coil, after which solenoid actuator is latched in the last position by a permanent Holding Magnet. To Reset the system, an electrical pulse should be applied to the De-latch or “Push” coil, creating a counter-force which overcomes the magnet and allows the actuator to return to its normal position. The Mechanical-Latch solenoid valve type is equipped with a manual reset lever to return the solenoid to it’s normal position, while the coil is de-energized. Latching solenoid valves are also used in areas where the system runs on limited power supply. They require a pulse duration of only 50ms to operate with minimal electric current, drastically reducing the power demand, and increasing system reliability.

Product Features & Benefits
  • FM approved for use with BERMAD deluge valves, using firewater/air
  • Low energy consumption, due to the “last position” feature
  • 25 bar / 365 psi max working pressure, refer to selection table
  • Integral Terminal Box, IP66 Heavy Duty construction
  • Safer operation for hydraulic valves
  • Brass or Stainless Steel 316 construction
  • Seawater option available on request