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Battery Powered Electronic Converter WW-MC406

The MC406 it is the new high-efficiency, technologically advanced battery powered electronic converter from Euromag, combining high performances and dedicated applications solutions to a low cost of ownership. Combined to the Euromag MUT2300 sensor series, the MC406 is capable to read flow velocities starting at 0.015 m/s (MID-OIML R49 certified).

Product Features & Benefits

Compact (horizontal or vertical) or Separate (up to 30 meters of cable)
Coupled to Full bore sensors up to DN600 – Insertion meters
4 independent internal totalizer
Pressure and temperature reading modules
Built-in datalogger with over 100.000 data lines capacity
Pressure and temperature modules available

Typical Product Applications

Abstraction and distribution
Revenue and bulk metering
Waste water and treatment
Leak detection systems
Any remote application with no access to mains power


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