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Hybrid Electronic Converter MC608 A/B/R/P/I

The MC608 converter has been designed with the purpose of meeting all the requirements of modern water management systems through a flexible and hybrid electronic, mains powered, battery powered, or both. With advanced display information, on-site data collection and remote monitoring via GSM/GPRS network, the MC608 allows any customer to access all the information, easily and at no cost. MC608A: Mains powered version 12/24 Vac dc or 90/264 Vac MC608B: Battery powered, with a useful life of 6 years and 12/24 Vac-dc input MC608R: Rechargeable battery powered, with solar panel and 12/24 Vac-dc input MC608P: Panel version, with polycarbonate case MC608I: Stainless Steel case, for outdoor installation and extreme weather conditions MC608LB: Dedicated version for MUT4000, with Lemo connectors for automotive application

Product Features & Benefits

Communication with other instruments via: analog output 4-20 mA, frequency, pulse, RS485 Modbus
5 independent internal totalizer (2 positive, 2 negative, 1 NET)
IrCOM communication
4 MB flash memory, 200,000 lines of data
Hart protocol option available (only MC608A)
Pressure and temperature reading modules
GSM/GPRS module

Typical Product Applications

Abstraction and distribution
District measurements
Revenue and bulk metering
Transport lines
Waste water and treatment
Leak detection systems
Any remote application with no access to mains power


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