Pressure relief/sustaining hydraulically operated control valve that can fulfill either of two separate functions: When installed in-line, it sustains minimum pre-set, upstream (back) pressure, regardless of fluctuating flow or varying downstream pressure. When installed as a circulation valve, it relieves excessive line pressure when above maximum pre-set. The BERMAD 700 Series large size control valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated type. Unique hydro-dynamic globe valve design with a special open plug provides high flow capabilities. The valves are available in the standard configuration or with an Independent Check Feature code “2S”.

Product Features & Benefits

Hydrodynamic wide globe valve body provides:

  • Higher flow (Kv; Cv) than standard globe valves
  • Higher resistance to cavitation damage

In-line serviceable
Valves are suitable for working with all types of command:
Hydraulic, Electric and Pneumatic.
Self-operated valves that can work without an external source of power.
Wide range of options and accessories:

  • One-way or two-way flow direction
  • V-Port
  • Cavitation cage
  • Visual position indicator
  • Limit switches
  • Analog opening output
  • Large selection of control accessories
  • Double chamber actuation (700-M6)
  • Large inspection and service ports (700-M5L)
Typical Product Applications

Pressure sustaining and reducing valve – 723-M5/M5L/M6
Differential pressure sustaining – 736-M5/M5L/M6
Quick pressure relief valve – 73Q-M5/M5L/M6
Solenoid control – 730-55-M5/M5L/M6
Hydraulic check feature – 730-20-M5/M5L/M6
Independent check feature – 730-2S-M5/M5L/M6
Anti-cavitation cage – 730-C1-M5/M5L/M6
High sensitivity pilot – 730-12-M5/M5L/M6
Electrically selected multi-level setting –
Level control and pressure sustaining valve –
Pump control and pressure sustaining valve –
3-Way control – 730-X-M5/M5L/M6
See relevant BERMAD publication