Positioning Pilot Valve Model #X

This multi-purpose, direct acting, 3-Way positioning pilot valve is
actuated by a pressure responsive diaphragm, which tends to
reach equilibrium with the set spring force.

The pilot directs flow and pressure between its ports:
■ When sensed pressure is above set point,
it connects port “C” to “0”.
■ When sensed pressure is equal to set point,
it blocks connections between all ports.
■ When sensed pressure is below set point,
it connects port “C” with “A” and “Z”.
An integral needle valve restricts flow through port “Z”.

■ Pressure Reducing Valves (Type X) sizes 11/2-10”
■ Pressure Sustaining Valves (Type X) sizes 11/2-10”
■ Adjustable hydraulic relay (N.O. or N.C.)
■ Automatic regulation override (feature 09) sizes 11/2-10”

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