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Electromagnetic Flow Meter MUT2200EL

The BERMAD Euromag MagMeter is a robust state of the art meter for the Agriculture applications industry. This meter technology can detect flows as low as 0,13 m³/h with 0.2% accuracy. Providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability at all flow ranges. BERMAD Euromag meters are the industry leader for water measurement and accumulation reporting.

Product Features & Benefits
  • High Accuracy at wide flow range – Each sensor is calibrated on a hydraulic bench equipped with a reference weighting system
  • Open flow path – Allows for use upstream of filtration, in canals and effluent Water
  • DC compact electronics – Low power consumption ideal for use in locations without power supply
  • Rugged and Efficient Construction – Accurate measurement of corrosive fluids, manure and wastewater
  • Combined Sensors – Flow and pressure transducer Combined in one unit for optimizing
    monitoring capabilities
Typical Product Applications
  • Compliant with water usage reporting regulation
  • Remote or local monitoring of flows and water usage
  • Leak and plugging detection in irrigation systems
  • Accumulations of filtration flush water

Bermadize your waterflow systems, so you can remotely regulate water delivery, monitor performance, and troubleshoot any issues – anywhere, anytime. click here to learn more