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BERMAD Cloud based irrigation control Solution Omega

Omega is BERMAD’s advanced cloud-based irrigation controller, offering anywhere-anytime connectivity to your irrigation system using BERMAD Cloud as well as Smartphone App for local operation Omega is a standalone battery-operated controller, designed specifically to provide user-friendly and cost effective solution for irrigation systems, water distribution, data acquisition and pre-paid systems (districts & consortiums)

Product Features & Benefits

Omega Controller

  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Time based and Volumetric control
  • Modular solution


  • Intuitive, functional & simple to operate
  • Secured end-to-end communication.
  • Real-Time alert notification

Smartphone App

  • Easy setup configuration
  • Irrigation programing and manual operation
Typical Product Applications
  • Professional Volumetric and
    Time Based irrigation control
  • Open fields, orchards, vineyards, mesh houses,
    greenhouses and landscape
  • Auxiliary control of remote areas, beyond
    reach of main farm control systems
  • Water distribution, Pre-paid and Data acquisition
    systems for Districts & Consortiums

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