Add-on device for 700 and 800 Series control valves V-Port Throttling Plug

BERMAD’s V-Port throttling plug is an add-on device for 700 and 800 Series control valves.

It provides more accurate, stable and smoother response during pressure and flow regulation,

while reducing noise and vibration.

The V-port plug is easily mounted under the standard flat seal disc of the valve and changes

the ratio of flow to stem travel allowing very wide flow range with relatively high pressure reduction.

  •  Increases valve stem travel to flow ratio
    • Accurate, stable & smooth control of flow and pressure regulation
  • Easily installed on existing valves
    •  Eliminates the need to replace the valve when operation conditions change
  • Suitable for low flow
    •  Optimal solution for low flow installations sites
  • Reduces noise and vibration
    •  Increases pipeline network life span
    •  Ideal where noise reduction is necessary

Typical Applications


  • High pressure reduction / Low flow applications
  • Pressure sustaining applications
  • Modulation float valves
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