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Hydraulic Actuator for Control Valve Pilots WW PCBU Hydraulic Actuator

Bermad PCBU is a Hydraulic Actuator that controls various valve pilots and applications. It serves as an interface between local independent hydraulic control valves and remote control systems. Bermad PCBU responds to hydraulic command signals sent by electronic controller to allow fully automated control over the pilots' settings.

Product Features & Benefits
  • Replaces the manual adjusting screw of the pilot
  • Combines independent operating systems with remote control devices
  • Suitable for installation on a wide range of pilots
  • Designed for Low Energy environment; consumes energy only during set-points change
  • Linear Multi Points or two point High and Low settings
  • Incorporated Normally High or Normally Low Fail-safe feature
  • Mechanical prevention of out of envelop setting
Typical Product Applications
  • BERMAD PCBU Hydraulic Actuator can be easily used in various water control applications such as:
    •  Pressure reducing
    •  Pressure sustaining
    •  Level control
    •  Flow limiting