BERMAD Irrigation Product Guide
BERMAD Irrigation Product Guide
Irrigation Water Control Solutions Irrigation Water Control Solutions

Hydraulic Relays and Accessories

Pilots, Solenoids, and other control accessories help to add control features to line pressure self-driven Irrigation Control Valves. BERMAD range of Pilots and Solenoids allow making BERMAD Irrigation Control Valves into On/Off & Pressure Reducing Valves as well as Pressure Sustaining; Flow Limiting; Pumps, Pressure & Surge Control Valves, Flush Valves and combinations of all.
BERMAD Full Range of Pilots, Solenoids & Accessories allow for Converting On-Site and for Remote Control valves opening and even its setting values for any Hydraulic Control Valve.

7 Products of Hydraulic Relays and Accessories

Integrated Orifice


Shuttle Valve, Plastic

Shuttle Valve Model 50-X-P

Hydraulic Relay Valve (HRV)


3-Way Hydraulic Relay Valve (3W-HRV)


Ball Valves

Ball Valves

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

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