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Sewage & Wastewater Air Valves

BERMAD’s advanced line of air valves joins its extensive line of hydraulic control valves and smart meters to create

comprehensive control solutions for pressurized pipelines and networks. System engineers and end-users can now

design and install far more optimized solutions for their system requirements.

The line of BERMAD Air Valves includes combination and automatic (air release) valves, in metal body construction ranging from 1” to 12” (DN25 – DN300) and composite body construction ranging from ¾” to 3” (DN20 – DN80) for a variety of Water, Sewage & Wastewater pipeline and networks.

These air valves offer higher flow rates during pipeline filling (air relief) and draining / vacuum condition (air intake), prevention of air accumulation at pressurized operation, better surge protection, and improved sealing at low-pressure conditions (1.5 psi; 0.1 bar).

The majority of the model is certified to the leading functional standards (EN-1074/4, WRAS, AS4596, AS4883) and to drinking water standards (NSF, WRAS, AS4020 and more).

2 Products of Sewage & Wastewater Air Valves

Non Clean, Sewage & Wastewater Combination Air Val...



WW C80

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