Level Control Challenge

This animation demonstrates the lower reservoir filling cycle in a high-rise building, and describes the BERMAD safety procedure that protects the building from reservoir overflow.

Supply Pressure Sustaining

This animation demonstrates the BERMAD Pressure Sustaining Valve, which ensures sufficient water supply to residents on the lower floors of a high-rise building, even while the building’s lower reservoir is undergoing filling.

Level Control and Pressure Sustaining Valve with Bi-Level Electrical Float BC-453-65-P

Hydraulically operated, level control and pressure sustaining control valve that controls reservoir filling and reservoir level. During filling the valve sustains minimum upstream pressure regardless of fluctuating flow or reservoir level. Reservoir filling is in response to a Bi-level electric float switch signal opening at a preset low level and shutting off at a pre-set high level.

BERMAD 400 series valves are hydraulically operated, simple and reliable, globe valves with full bore hydrodynamic body providing an unobstructed flow path and superior performance. The valves balanced rolling-diaphragm assembly is vulcanized with a rugged radial seal disk construction, performing as the valves only moving part.

  • High quality construction materials ensure reliable, long lasting operation
  • Full bore valve port area and hydrodynamic body ensure unobstructed flow path; minimal pressure loss with low cavitation damage
  • Fully supported and balanced rolling diaphragm – low actuation pressure and excellent low flow regulation performance
  • Ensured operation after long standby periods
  • Straightforward three major components design – easy and simple on-site inline maintenance with minimal down time
  • Line Pressure Driven – Independent operation, no external power needed aside of the solenoid low voltage control
  • Electrical operation; low voltage and low current NO and NC solenoids
  • Accurate and reliable level control and pressure sustaining capabilities prevent reservoir overflows and cut-offs, while maintaining minimum upstream pressure
  • Ensures uninterrupted supply to building occupants dependent on the reservoir system for their water needs
  • Suitable for water reservoirs operating under moderate operation conditions
  • Level and pressure sustaining control of reservoir filling systems in buildings, including basement, roof-top, pressure breaking and emergency tanks, where the supply line also feeds additional high priority users.
  • Electrical emergency override in hydraulic level control systems
  • Duty cycle and valve prioritizing management in multi-branch systems


Water Reservoir Level Control System, featuring the BC-453-65-P as an electric controlled backup valve to an hydraulically controlled level control valve. In case of main level control valve malfunction the Electric Float will sense the rise in water level and signal the BC-453-65-P to shut off, until water level decrease to a pre-set level. the BC-453-65-P will also maintain pre-set upstream pressure, preventing pressure drop at reservoir filling.

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