High Pressure, Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve BC-820-PP-P

Hydraulically operated, piston actuated pressure reducing control valve that reduces a high upstream pressure to a lower downstream pressure at a fixed ratio

BERMAD 800 series valves are hydraulic, oblique pattern, globe valves with double chamber unitized actuator, that can be disassembled from the body as a separate integral unit. The valves hydrodynamic body is designed for unobstructed flow path and provides excellent and highly effective modulation capacity for high differential pressure applications.

  • High Quality Construction Materials – Reliable, resilient and long lasting operation
  • Robust Design – Suitable for constant, intense operation
  • In-Line Serviceable – Quick and easy maintenance and service
  • Line Pressure Driven – Independent operation, no external power needed
  • Hydrodynamic Body with Unobstructed Flow Path – Minimal noise and cavitation damage
  • Double Chamber Actuator – Rapid response to system changes with no hammer effect
  • V-Port Throttling Plug – Low flow stability
  • “Steps down” pressure when pressure reduction must be done in two or more stages of reduction
  • Decreases the potential for high noise levels and cavitation damage caused by high reduction ratios
  • Reduces the differential pressure load across level control or pressure relief valves by splitting that load between two valves instead of one
  • NOTE: The BERMAD BC-820-PP-P is designed for high operating pressures. For lower operating pressures, consider the BERMAD BC-720-PD-P.


Two-Stage Pressure Reducing Station, featuring BERMAD BC-820-PP-P valves to reduce the incoming pressure by a fixed ratio and share the load with the BERMAD BC-720-P PRV, a redundant, parallel branch to minimize the possibility of total water shut-off and a low flow bypass branch for low demand operation. For information on the other BERMAD products in this system please see the product data sheet for the following components: BERMAD BC-720-P, BERMAD BC-73Q-P and BERMAD BC-80F-P.

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