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Add & Calibrate Pressure Reducing Feature on Solenoid Controlled Valve

The BERMAD Pressure Reducing Control Valve with Solenoid Control is a control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand, and opens fully upon line pressure drop. The BERMAD IR-120-55-X either opens or shuts in response to an electric signal.

Hydraulic Remote NC Control Valve

The BERMAD IR-105-54-X Hydraulic Control Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that opens and shuts in response to a local or remote pressure command

How to Configure the Euromag MC608 Outputs

The MC608 converter logs all critical data every 15 minutes with no set up required! Damian Muir takes us through how to configure the outputs of the Euromag MC608 so you can store the data you need.

Converting Single Chamber Valve to Proportional PRV valve with Double Chamber Actuator

The BERMAD Model IR-120-PD Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve is a double chambered, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, Pilot-Less control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower downstream pressure, at a fixed ratio. The double chambered valve operation is independent of valve differential pressure. This develops maximum power, ensuring immediate valve response combined with inherent non-slam closing