Single Floor Installation

This animation describes the operation of Integrated self supported BERMAD’s Pressure Reduction system in water supply of high-rise building, which is divided into few pressure zones.

Excessive Pressure Shut-Off Valve BC-794-P

Hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated shut-off valve that closes drip tight when inlet pressure rises above a pre-set value.
It responds immediately, accurately, and with high repeatability to a rise in system pressure by closing fully and triggering an alarm.
BERMAD 700 series valves are globe style control valves available in either standard Y (oblique) or angle pattern configurations.

They have a full bore hydrodynamic body providing an unobstructed flow path, with a seat assembly and double chamber unitized actuator that can be removed from the body as a separate integral unit.

  • High Quality Construction Materials – Reliable, resilient and long lasting operation.
  • Robust Design – Suitable for constant, intense operation.
  • In-Line Serviceable – Quick and easy maintenance and service.
  • Line Pressure Driven – Independent operation, no external power needed.
  • Unitized Actuator Assembly – Minimal downtime.
  • Hydrodynamic Body with Unobstructed Flow Path – Minimal noise and cavitation damage.
  • Protected Diaphragm – Minimizes chance of damage caused by debris in the pipeline.
  • 2-Way Control Loop – Immediate, accurate response to sudden system variations.
  • Adjustable Pilot – Easy field pressure setting and calibration.
  • System Failure Indication – Immediate notification to maintenance personnel.

Typical Application


  • Closes to provide protection from pressure rise due to malfunctioning PRV.
  • Provides safety for systems designed with Pressure Reducing Stations featuring redundant branches.
  • Where operation of a pressure relief valve must be avoided.


  • Note: When closed, the BERMAD BC-794-P vents water to atmosphere. It is recommended that drainage be taken into consideration during design and installation.
  • Note: The BERMAD BC-794-P should be used in systems with redundant branches to prevent total water shut-off. For single line systems, consider the BERMAD BC-72S-H-P or the BERMAD BC-73Q-P


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