Flow Control Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Hydrometer IR-972-55-RUX

The BERMAD Model IR-972-55-RUX integrates a vertical turbine Woltman-type water meter
with a diaphragm actuated hydraulic control valve.
Combining a Flow Meter and Main Valve, allows efficient irrigation control with an
irrigation controller.
The BERMAD Hydrometer limits the flow and downstream pressure to a constant
preset maximum.
It either opens or shuts in response to an electric signal.

  • Integrated “All-in-One” control valve

-Saves space, cost and maintenance

  • Internal Inlet & Outlet Flow Straighteners

-Saves on straightening distances

-Maintains accuracy

  • Integrated Flow Metering Calibration Device
  • Simple in-Line Inspection and Service
  • Line Pressure driven

-Independent operation

-Limits fill-up rate and consumer over-demand

-Protects downstream system

  • Hydraulic flow sensor (Orifice)

-No moving parts

-No electronic components

-No need of flow straightening

  • Advanced control loop design

-Linear, accurate and stable modulation

-Convertible platform for vast number of applications

  • Easy on-site set point change
  • Electrical Open / Close command

-Adding main valve capabilities

Typical Applications

  • Downhill Pressurized Supply Lines
  • Multiple Independent Consumer Systems
  • Line Fill-Up Control Solution
  • Pressure Reducing Systems
  • Computerized Irrigation Systems
  • Flow Monitoring and Leakage Control


[1] BERMAD Model IR-972-55-RUX opens in respond to an

electric signal, prevents emptying of supply line, maintains

system designed flow and establishes reduced pressure zone.

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