In-Line Filter Metal/Plastic

This self flushing In-Line Filter is used for filtration of control
fluid of medium and potable water qualities. The flowing
fluid continuously flushes the filter element.

Pressure Gauge

This robust, liquid filled Pressure Gauge is used for heavy
duty service where vibration or pulsation of the pressure
might cause excessive wear of a dry gauge, or where
corrosive ambient conditions or fluid prevail.

Ball Valves

2-Way – This Ball Valve provides quick and easy on/off manual
control for isolating, manual releases and drains.

3-Way – This 3-Way valve is used as a pilot valve providing quick
and easy, 2-position on/off manual control.

Manometer – This vented 2-Way Ball Valve provides quick and
easy manual isolating and venting of either pressure
gauges or any other pressurized control loop

Model SS9Jn


The Model SS9J Linear Proximity Limit Switch is a device for monitoring the position status of BERMAD control valves. It is equipped with two hermetically sealed proximity sensors, enabling remote signaling upon the opening and/or closing of the valve.

The model SS9J is suited for use in hazardous locations, harsh environments and corrosive media, and is designed with an integral junction box enclosure made of  316 stainless steel.

Strainer Model 70F

The BERMAD 70F Strainer is designed to remove foreign matter such as stones, sticks etc. from the pipeline.

It is recommended to install the Strainer upstream from control valves, flow meters and other system appliances.

High Pressure Strainer Model 80F is also available.

Model: OSCD


The BERMAD Opening Speed Control Device (OSCD) is a valve control accessory that has an adjustable restricted
flow in one flow direction and an unrestricted flow in the opposite direction.

The OSCD is designed to be installed on the control trim of BERMAD valves, to reduce the opening speed and
thus decrease or eliminate damaging water surge or water hammer.

Reduction of the main valve’s opening speed is achieved by adjusting the OSCD to restrict the rate of water flow exiting the main valve’s control chamber controlling the rate at which the main valve opens.

The closing speed remains unaffected as flow in the opposite direction, entering the control chamber to close the
main valve remains unrestricted.

Model: CSCD


The BERMAD Closing Speed Control Device (CSCD) is a valve control accessory used to adjust the closing speed of BERMAD valves.

The CSCD controls the Main Valve Closing Speed by enabling the adjustment and setting of the water flow rate
that is introduced to the BERMAD valve’s control chamber upon a closing command.

This allows the operator to either decrease or increase the closing speed of the BERMAD main valve.


As part of the control trim, this venturi action accelerator speeds up the release of the main valve control chamber enabling faster full opening of the deluge valve. Water exits the accelerator faster than it can be supplied, through the restriction to the valve control chamber, accelerating the opening of the main valve.



The BERMAD EasyLock Manual Reset is an automatic Latching device that holds the BERMAD Deluge valve in its open position when the valve has been activated by a releasing device.

The EasyLock blocks the Deluge priming line, preventing Water from entering the valve control chamber and the releasing devices, latching the Deluge valve open.

The EasyLock allows the deluge valve to close only upon a local reset, by manually pushing the Reset Knob.

The EasyLock consists of an integrated spring-loaded check valve.

A Safety Ball Drip vents any accidental leak to ensure that the Deluge valve remains latched.