This Bourdon Pressure Gauge with a polycarbonate (PC) casing provides a visual indication of water or air pressure for BERMAD water control valves, such as Deluge, Preaction, Pressure Control and Remote Control Valves.

The core of the Pressure Gauge is a spring suspended movement, which is resistant to reasonable levels of shock, providing long lasting performance.

The Polycarbonate casing provides impact and corrosion resistance. This Pressure Gauge compiles with EN 837-1 & ASME B40.100 design requirements and is, UL-Listed and FM approved for Fire Protection


This Stainless Steel Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge provides a visual pressure level indication of lquid or pneumatic media of a corrosive nature. Suited for BERMAD fire protection valves that are intended to be installed in harsh conditions such as chemical or petro-chemical plants, power plants, mining, offshore and onshore.
The core of the Pressure Gauge is a spring suspended movement, which is resistant to shock, vibration and pulsation, assuring long lasting and accurate performance. The Glycerin liquid filled case is suitable for high
dynamic pressure pulsations or vibrations, with excellent shock resistance. The pressure gauge utilizes an impact/heat resistant window,
rated for IP 65 ingress protection per EN 60 529 / IEC 529 and complies with EN 837-1 design.

Model PS-10


The Model PS-10, adjustable, pre-set Pressure Switch is suitable for pressure and/or flow detection in BERMAD valve systems such as Deluge or Pre-action, or with other control valves and is suited for non-hazardous locations.

The model PS-10 is also used to provide a low pressure supervisory signal for BERMAD Pre-action Systems and pneumatically controlled deluge valves.

Model PS-12


The PS-12 Pressure Switch is for use in conjunction with BERMAD Deluge or other types of water control valves, to indicate discharge water pressure. This Pressure Switch offers reliability, repeatability and durability in a compact design.

It is ideal for operation under the harsh conditions of DIV.1 or Zone 1 (II 2 G/D Ex d IIC T6 Certified) hazardous locations.

At the heart of the PS-12 is a snap action Belleville spring assembly, which transfers motion to a hermetically sealed 5 amp vibration resistant microswitch.
Applications: Chemical plants, refineries, gas and petroleum installations, offshore and marine vessels.

The Water Motor Alarm is a hydromechanical automatic sound warning device actuated by water flow.
It sounds a continuous alarm while a Deluge or Water Control Valve operates.
This unit is designed for wall or pipe mounting and is suitable for outdoor installation.
The Water Motor Alarm gong assembly package is supplied loose and includes a ¾” strainer.