in fire protection pipelines primarily to prevent the clogging of fire sprinkler
nozzles and other debris sensitve components in water or foam fire systems.
The BERMAD FP-60F-01-D/DV is designed for in-line maintenance available
with a large diameter flushing outlet for immediate and easy screen cleaning.
In addition easy in-line access to the basket screen is enabled, requiring
only the cover removal.
The FP-60F-01-D/DV strainers are also well suited for use upstream of
Pressure Control Valves and Deluge valves as well as other debris sensitive
Fire System Devices.
The ratio of the FP-60F-01-D/DV strainer’s basket area to its inlet pipe area
is larger than 10:1, ensuring continued system performance even in the
most debris-ridden firewater.
The high capacity of the FP-60F-01-D/DV also results in a lower pressure
drop and allows longer intervals between cleaning and servicing.
NFPA 11, 13, 15 and 16 standards state that listed strainers shall be provided
in the main pipeline of all systems using nozzles where the water is likely to
contain obstructive material. Strainers shall be capable of removing all solids of
sufficient size to obstruct fire protection devices and equipment waterways

Model FP-70F


The BERMAD FP-70F Strainer is designed to remove foreign matter such as stones, sticks, etc, from the pipeline.
It is recommended to install the strainer upstream from control valves, flow meters and other system appliances.