Dry Pipe Valve

A dry pipe valve is a specialized control valve used in fire protection systems, particularly in dry pipe sprinkler systems. Unlike wet pipe systems, where the pipes are constantly filled with water, dry pipe systems are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen. When a fire occurs and a sprinkler activates, the air or nitrogen pressure … read more

High-Rise Water Distribution Systems

High-rise buildings, towering icons of urban landscapes, present unique challenges in water distribution. These challenges require innovative solutions to ensure consistent and reliable water service. This article explores the key aspects of high-rise water distribution systems, focusing on continuous service, fluctuating demand, noise reduction, pressure control, energy efficiency, pressure zoning, and safety measures, all while … read more

Deluge Valves

Deluge valves, together with the reservoir and pumps, are a critical part of many industrial fire protection systems and are often seen as “the heart of the system”. For this reason, it is essential that deluge valves function properly.