Limit Switch Assemblies

These assemblies enable the signaling of a control system as to the opening position of a control valve. They are equipped with one or two electrical switches actuated by the closing or opening of the valve. Two versions are available:  Single Limit Switch Assembly Equipped with one switch, signaling closed valve.  Double Limit Switch Assembly … Continued

Needle Valve

This adjustable restriction needle valve is used for controlling opening or closing speed on various control loops. Needle Valve Types: 5? – for up to 4” (100 mm) valves 15? – for 6” (150 mm) and larger valves

Needle & Check Valve

This device is a 1-Way adjustable restriction. Flow in the direction of the needle is restricted while flow in the opposite direction is unobstructed. When installed in various control loops it is used for controlling opening or closing speed. Installed together with a standard needle valve, it enables controlling the opening and closing speeds in … Continued

Large Control Filter

The Large Control Filter is used for filtration of dirty control fluid that would quickly block a normal filter element. This larger filter increases the reliability of the control valve system and time between maintenance, while minimizing faulty operation.

2-Way Ball Valve

This Ball Valve provides quick and easy on/off manual control for isolating, manual releases and drains.

3-Way Solenoid Valve Burkert 330 Series

This solenoid valve is direct acting 3-Way (can also be used as 2-Way) pivoted armature actuated. Its design includes a membrane that hermetically isolates the solenoid actuator from the fluid, making it less sensitive to abrasive or contaminated fluid than a plunger actuated solenoid. This solenoid valve provides best performance with maximum reliability and a … Continued

3-Way Ball Valve

This 3-Way valve is used as a pilot valve providing quick and easy, 2-position on/off manual control.