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As pioneers in water supply protection and efficiency, our proven water & control management solutions include state-of-the-art hydraulic control valves, air valves and advanced water meters. Whether for bulk water supply systems, water distribution network grids, or waste water pumping stations and delivery lines, we offer robust and reliable solutions that help optimize water usage, maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs, protect water supply and distribution systems, and keep water system downtime to a minimum.

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LEVEL CONTROL VALVE with Bi-Level Vertical Float

Model 750-66 EN/ES

Level Control Valve

Model 750-86

Level Control Valve

Model 750-65

Level Control Valve

Model 750-67

Level Control Valve

Model 750-60

Level Control and Pressure Sustaining Valve

Model 753-66

Level Control and Sustaining Valve

Model 753-65

Level and Flow Control Valve

Model 757-66-U

LEVEL CONTROL VALVE with Modulating Horizontal Float

Model 750-60-M5/M5L/M6