Orifice Plate Assembly

When an orifice plate assembly is used as an integral part of a flow control valve control circuit, it provides the differential pressure (ΔP) to power the flow control pilot. The opening and closing of the pilot causes the flow control valve to throttle accordingly. Total head loss across the valve is reduced by locating … Continued

Ball Valves

2-Way – This Ball Valve provides quick and easy on/off manual control for isolating, manual releases and drains. 3-Way – This 3-Way valve is used as a pilot valve providing quick and easy, 2-position on/off manual control. Manometer – This vented 2-Way Ball Valve provides quick and easy manual isolating and venting of either pressure … Continued

In-Line Filter Metal/Plastic

This self flushing In-Line Filter is used for filtration of control fluid of medium and potable water qualities. The flowing fluid continuously flushes the filter element.