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The Buildings & Construction industry has unique requirements, which must be taken into account when designing and installing their water supply and distribution systems. BERMAD designs solutions for the building & construction industry with careful consideration to important issues such as constant water supply, noise & maintenance considerations, integration & control and high water consumption.

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Pressure Reducing Valve

FP 42T

Fire Pump Control and Check Valve

Model 42T-20

Electric Pressure Control Deluge Valve with Local Reset

FP 400Y-2MC

Electrically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve

FP 400Y-3D

Pressure Relief Valve

FP 730-UF

Pressure Relief Valve

FP 43T

Level Control Valve with Modulating Horizontal Float

FP 450-60

Level Control Valve with Bi-Level Electric Float

FP 450-65

Level Control Valve with Bi-Level Vertical Float

FP 450-66

Level Control Valve with 2-Way Vertical Float

FP 450-67

Level Control Valve with Altitude Pilot

FP 450-82