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Monitor Water / Foam Monitor

A monitor is a device with directional control which leads the flow of water, foam or powder to the outlet at different rates and amounts, depending on the dimension of the monitor. Monitors may be mounted on mobile or fixed supports, both on the round or at a certain elevation. They may oscillate automatically, or maybe handled by an operator or by means or electric motor or oil hydraulic motor. All monitors can be equipped with a suitable water/foam branch pipes or nozzles or powder branch pipes.

According to the material with which the Monitors are made, they are divided into: - Casting Monitors: Monitors made in Bronze or Anti-corrosion Light Alloy. - Welded monitors: Monitors made in Carbon Steel or 304/316 Stainless Steel

Product Features & Benefits
  • Optimized water path design
  • Double S shape design to align flow force
  • No maintenance-sealed bearings greased for life
  • One design for all actuation types
  • Dual layer epoxy and UV-Resistant polyurethane coating\
  • Pressure gauge connection
  • Sealed hydraulic motor for self oscillating operation and treated with electrolytic passivation process
  • Nozzle connection flange to insure perfect sealing, alignment and easy maintenance or upgrade
  • Inlet connection customizeable with adapter (NH, Gost, Storz connection, etc..)
  • UL approval for MB and DOC Model

Appropriate for protection against any kind of fire (liquid, solid or gas combustion). This monitor is controlled manually.
Manual Monitors require trained personnel.

Equipped with two types of directional control: the elevation is regulated manually through a lever or a hand wheel; the
rotation is automatic through a hydraulic turbine.
This type of monitor is adequate for cooling operations and for protection against any kind of fire (liquid, solid or gas
combustion). The automatic self-oscillation may be deactivated and it is possible to regulate its angle of coverage
according to the operator’s specific needs.

This Monitor with directional control may be operated at distance with electrical control panel or oil-hydraulic control. The operations can be activated also by a  wireless device. Adequate for protection against any kind of fire (liquid, solid or gas combustion). This type of monitor is particularly recommended, as it allows the operator to control operations without getting dangerously near the fire.

Typical Product Applications


  • Off-Shore Helideck Protection
  • Off-Shore – Oil/Gas Pumps
  • On-Shore – Transfer Pumps
  • Fixed Roof Storage tanks
  • Floating Roof Storage Tanks
  • Power Generation Plant transformers
  • Power Generation Plants Oil Pumps